What Theo’s Note believes

Theo’s Note  believes in God

Sovereign, all-powerful and wise, God the creator of all things, visible and invisible, is manifested by his general revelation expressed by the splendor and power of his creation, by his providence for all his creatures and the thought of eternity that he has put into the heart of man.

He is from all eternity, God tri-une (trinitarian), Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the union of three persons, co-eternal, equal, inseparable, interdependent, eternally united in one and the same divine essence, yet distinct and without confusion therebetween.

In his grace, he makes himself knowable by his special revelation manifested by his acts of salvation and judgment in history, through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross and of the Holy Spirit in the Church, which are proclaimed and explained by His Word.

Theo’s Note believes in Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, pre-existing and equal to God in the Trinity, has agreed to divest himself of his equality with God. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, unscathed by the original sin inherited from Adam, he can give his life for the forgiveness of all sinners

Having received from Mary his human nature which is united to his divine nature in one person both totally human and totally divine, he lived on earth a real existence, historically and geographically localized. He was tempted in all points, yet without sinning.

Under Pontius Pilate, he suffered, was crucified, died and was buried according to the plan and the eternal foreknowledge of God, but also because of the sinners.

His suffering and death on the cross, willingly accepted in obedience to the will of his heavenly Father, and his shed blood have the value of expiation of sins for those who believe in His sacrifice.

His bodily resurrection after three days of actual death proves that his sacrifice has appeased the wrath of God against the sinner and the righteousness of God justifies everyone who puts his faith in him.

His atoning work has acquired its full meaning by his Ascension. Having brought to his Father the sacrifice that allows the forgiven sinner to enter into the presence of God, the Son seats himself to the right of his Father to exercise his heavenly ministry of intercession and to reign over the whole world until the last judgment where he will hand over the kingdom to God the Father.

The judgment of the living and the dead entrusted to the Son by the Father concerns all humans, living and dead, who will all be judged and destined for salvation in God’s presence or for damnation, far away from him.

Theo’s Note  believes in the Holy Spirit

God, the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is one with the Father and the Son and glorifies them. He is a real person, active in creation, redemption and new creation. He teaches, listens and speaks, convicts of sin, bears witness to Jesus Christ.

Already present in the Old Testament, in the Law and in the prophetic texts, as well as in specially selected people, he bears witness to Jesus Christ, illuminates the proclamation of the Gospel and the listening of the believers, opens the hearts to the wisdom of God’s plan and comes to dwell in the believer at the moment of repentance and conversion to God.

After the Ascension, he built up the first Church on the day of Pentecost and continues to live in it.